3 Rubinsteina st.

+7 (812) 327-74-79

The Telegraph — is a collective image of many British pubs.

At the «Telegraph» everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. This pub is a place for those who want to take a break from the crazy rhythm of the etropolis, to let off steam and to spend time in great company.

Scottish room

Here there is my drink whom fifteen
varieties (light) draft beer over a hundred
varieties of whiskey.
Meet with a True Scottish hospitality!!

+7 (812) 327-74-79 (75)

English room

"Pure" English place with a touch
of British Aristocracy and charm.
With a variety of English food and drinks

+7 (812) 327-74-75

Come to us

St. Peterburg, 3 Rubinsteina st.
E-mail: telegraph-pub@yandex.ru

Scotland +7 (812) 327-74-79 (75)
England +7 (812) 327-74-75